Oceania Dive Expo | Exhibitor Information

Welcome to Oceania Dive Expo, we wish that this year will be another successful year for our travel and dive expo in south East Asia.

What is a dive show?

A dive show is a dive exposition regrouping, travel, dive club, certification agency, and tourism related business in an exhibition for them to show their new products, latest travel packages and promote their brands.
The dive dive show exhibitor have 3 days to promote their business in the dive show. Conferences about scuba diving, eco travel, underwater photography and marine conservation are held during the dive exposition. Some famous experts in each area will talk about the relation between tourism and the impact on the Eco-system, how to reduce the impact and sustain the tourism in the area.
How to increase tourism in remote area to promote local communities to be included in tourism creating employment and dynamic for the area without impacting on the Eco-system. This difficult balance between sustainable tourism and the impact on the environment is hard to maintain and there is many way to improve the problem in South-East Asia.

Education of the local population and tours agency and tours guide can greatly improve the area preservation.

The Oceania Dive Expo will be held on the 15 of May.